June 13, 2012

Diaper Discipline: Diapered and Bound

There is such a wide array of Adult Babies and Diaper lovers alike. There are the sweet and loving ones – those that can be left to their own devices, perfectly content to entertain themselves as long as they know mommy is around.  There are the playful and rambunctious ones – they like to have mommy close, playing and sharing in the daily activities, in need of a wide array of activities to burn off all their seemingly never-ending supply of energy.  And then there are those that are down right naughty and disrespectful – demanding strict supervision, unrelenting structure and extremely focused boundaries.   It is of those that fall in the last category that I wish to speak of; those who test my boundaries as well as my resolve at every turn; those are the ones to which  I have had to rely on more….let’s say, severe forms of behavior modification.  These misbehaving Abies are the ones who are dire need of discipline; to be shown what acceptable behavior is and what will not be stood for.   To be shown that there are boundaries that they must adhere to, lest they be subject to the consequences of their actions.  They are also the ones that have come to associate the amount of discipline they receive to how much they are loved.  I understand this completely; after all, if one did not truly love you and care about your well-being, would they go through all the time and effort to try and teach you right from wrong?   So please remember as you receive your over the knee spankings, or are given a hefty dose of castor oil, or are subdued whilst being diapered and gagged and bound in your restraints, that it is all done in love.     Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
June 3, 2012

Not Just a Phonesex Mommy

I love role-plaing during phonesex but I hate when people assume I’m a mommy and nothing else.  I mean I love playing other characters…for instance a teacher… I walk down the aisle. It’s quiet in the classroom. You hear my heels clicking, stopping right in front of your desk. Your head is down so all you see are my red heels and black pantyhose. SLAM. I smack my ruler down on your desk. “So I’ll ask this again.. Can you tell me why yours and Jimmy’s test answers are exactly the same? Even the wrong ones?” You stay silent, keeping your head down. “That’s it. Stand up. Now. You don’t have anything to say for yourself then maybe I can beat an excuse out of you.” You stand up slowly as I walk off to my desk, pulling out a paddle. I see your eyes darting for the door. “You can always try and escape.. Won’t get you far.. It’s locked and only I know where the keys are. I’ve just had about enough of you today.. Pull down your pants and bend over.. Now.” No matter what sort of kink and fetish phonesex your in to I’m the woman  that can get it done.
May 31, 2012

Petticoat Punishment: A Special type of Discipline

I try to be an understanding AB Mommy.  I try to be patient and sweet.  I really am a loving and tender ABDL Mommy to those Adult Babies that are well behaved and do as mommy tells them.  I don’t ask for much, really: don’t back talk, be kind and thoughtful to others, and the most important of all – do as you are told. Now from time to time I come across a little one who tests my boundaries and beyond.  They defy me at every turn, are mean to other little ones and quite honestly, are on the verge of becoming bullies.  This I will not stand for. So for them, a strong dose of humiliation is in order.  This particular brand of humiliation comes in the unique form for petticoat punishment.  Pretty pink dresses, layers of frilly petticoats, along with white anklet socks edged with lace and Mary Janes – everything girlie and pretty and feminine would be thrust upon them.  And the cherry on top of this special type of discipline is the wearing of diapers and pretty pink plastic panties (which is for use as well as for show). A month of being publicly paraded about as a pretty little baby girl is usually quite effective in driving out any form of defiance in the most unruly of little ones. So tell me, which one of you is in dire need of some petticoat punishment? Dommy Mommy Lexus
May 30, 2012

spanking sex

Spanking sex is such a fun naughty time for all! Mommy crissy gets a real thrill out of letting you spank her sweet hot ass. I also really enjoy spanking your as as well when you need some correcting of your behavior. I love to wear sheer nighties so u can get a nice look at how lushious my breasts are just right for feeding my little one and maybe some titty play time. Give me the pleasure of being your abdl sitter or your abdl playmate. We can hide away and play patty cake with each other for as long as you like. We can learn how to give each other all the sexy massages possible. Anything and everything that you always wanted to try but were not sure who to try it with I can’t wait to be on the receiving end of that kinda naughtiness. Very sweet but I can be very strict and tell you just what you are gonna do next. Cute outfits and fun creative diapering techniques are definitely in my bag of tricks. I make it very clear that Mommy is boss so you have to follow my rules and you will do so with a cute smile on your face. I will make sure that you are very happy with me at all times. I will thoroughly create a safe and fun playground for us to explore each other in. I know just how to show you how a real woman should be treated. All the secret ways I need to be taken care of. Give mommy a call now 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402 XXXXXCrissyXXXXXX  
May 22, 2012


Diapers you love sometimes i have to put you in really thick ones at night for mommy Sara when she drops you off at my house to stay the night.The reason i have to put you in these really thick diapers as you know is because you wet thru the simple single diapers.And mommy Rebecca warned me ahead of time to make sure you were in good thick diapers before i put you to bed at night or else i would be replacing my mattress and i don’t need that all. And we know you have school tomm so that Teacher Ava can teach you all those naughty things she teaches young ones.Oh yes i have heard the stories about her ways of teaching but however she does it and it gets you young ones to like and enjoy school and learn the things that are necessary that is all that matters. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
April 23, 2012


Its spanking time for you been a bad bad young one have you not.Oh you know i caught you peeking around the corner when you were suppose to be in time out.I put you in the corner with your nose in the corner of your bedroom and told you not to move until you were told to.But no you just had to peek at me undressing did you not.I shouldn’t have told you also that i was going to take a shower.But either way you should not have come out of there until told otherwise.Now come on take your medicine.You know its going to be one really hard spanking. Doris
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