April 19, 2015

Stinky Pants!

          The next time you decide to call me and tell me you had an accident, you’re going to be in for a little surprise this time. Usually I spank abdls for punishment and then put them in a diaper like a big baby, but this time no spanking or diaper for you.  That’s right this time I’m going to make you sit in your pissy poopy pants all the way till bedtime. If you can be a good boy, then and only then will I consider putting a diaper on that messy bottom of yours. . Jenna 888*430*2010  
April 6, 2015

Big Baby

  It’s so sad how I have to be bothered just because you’re too lazy to use the toilet like a normal man. You’re just a big aby. What you want me to feed you bottles too? I bet you do huh. Why don’t I just take care of everything while you sit around making a mess in your diaper all day. And I’m telling you right now young man, the moment you fuss when I am changing you, that will be the last diaper you get changed for that day. Yep I’ll just keep you in a stinky diaper all day. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson.  If not there’s always tomorrow, and the next day and the next day. Adult baby Potty training all over again. Ava 888*430*2010
April 6, 2015

Diaper Time

  So I get this call from a cute little abdl and he asks me if I will be his mommy. He was so shy it was adorable! He finally warmed up to me after I told him  I love role-play  phone sex and mommy is only one of the many roles I like to play.  I myself am a mommy in training who loves to wear and use my adult diapers, I also love playing in my diapers and using diaper humiliation with adult babies, diaper lovers and sissy babies.  I love to put you in a diaper with plastic pants and a sweet little onesie. I know how badly you want and need to be treated like a little adult baby and made to go in your diaper. Sometimes you have to talk to someone who understands your ABDL lifestyle and who better to do it than a Mommy herself? Janey 1*888*430*2010  
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