May 5, 2015

Adult Baby Needs A Spanking

I love being to my adult baby boi’s.  However, there are times that mommy has to be mean to the ab/dl’s.  The naughty ones need a loving but firm hand.  Discipline is the key to mommy/son phonesex roleplay relationships. So don’t be afraid when I take you over my knees.  I want to see your naked ass cheeks turn cherry red.  What should I use to spank your little butt?  Hmmm, perhaps a belt would be good.  Or maybe a paddle brush, that would make a nice sound.  Maybe I’m feeling a bit sadistic and I grab my whip.  Better yet, we can keep it simple and use a long handled wooden spoon from my kitchen. Well don’t you worry about a thing Mommy knows just how to make your tail end sore and uncomfortable.  Ready for your spanking.  Then pick up the phone and call me.  I’ll be waiting for you. Mommy Sophia 1-888-430-2010
April 29, 2015

ABDL Bonding!

  Aww look at mommy’s abdl all wrapped up in your favorite blankie!  There’s nothing like wrapping my aby in a warm and fuzzy blanket.  Add a warm bottle and a favorite stuffed animal and now it’s bedtime for aby! What could make bedtime any better?  A lullaby from mommy would make the perfect nursery rhyme. Oh lets not forget a fresh diaper and warm bottle for aby!    Janey 888*430*2010
April 29, 2015

Incest With Ava

Aww is baby wet and hungry? You need your ABDL phone sex mommy don’t you? Not just any mommy, but a special mommy who knows how to give extra special diaper changes. This mommy knows how to make baby feel tingly in his pee pee. Aww don’t be shy now! Mommy Ava loves playing with her aby. Isn’t incest phone sex so much fun? Ava 1 888*430*2010
April 26, 2015

Candy Loves Sissies

Are you a sissy baby? Maybe you need a mommy to coddle and pamper you? Take sissy baby out to the mall and show you off in your pretty little pink stroller. Would my little princess like that? I think you would! Just look at how much you are smiling for your Mommy. I’m going to pick you up and pinch those perfect pink little cheeks of yours. Uh oh. What’s that smell? Did sissy girl make a stinky in her pamper? Uh oh looks like Mommy will have to change you in front of all these people walking around in the mall…. Is my adult baby sissy ready for her diaper change? Mommy Candy 888*430*2010
April 26, 2015

Mommy Janey’s Here

  Need your diaper to be changed? Need some pampering? Have you been naughty and need a good spanking? Come and lay across mommy’s lap you been a naughty boy and Mommy knows just what an adult baby like you needs. I love to dress my sissy baby and take her shopping at the mall.  Imagine all the pretty dresses and rumba panties Mommy will buy for you. You ready to be mommy’s abdl sissy girl? Mommy Janey 888-430-2010
April 19, 2015

Used Panties

I can spot a panty slut from a mile away.  Weather their 8 or 68 you just cant wait for me to come home and change at the end of the day.  Am I right?  Panties worn for 16 hr workday are a panty whores favorite.  Just the right amount of piss and skidmarks mixed with vaginal discharge and if your lucky I locked my office door at lunch and fingered myself and came repeatedly…..mmm what a beautiful blend of flavors for my little sissy panty boy Janey 1*888*430*2010
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