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December 3, 2013
abdl discipline
December 9, 2013

So you ask yourself, “is Mommy Lexus really that strict?”

And of course my response is a simple one – “Me? Mommy Lexus…strict? LOL of course I am!”

How else do you think all of the very obedient Abies that I take care of are so well mannered? I get compliments all of the time about how some of them come to me with behaviors that no one else can seem to correct! I guess I just have a way with Adult Babies. Not just any way, but Dommy Mommy Lexus’ way! I must say that it’s not always an easy task. Some of the Abies I get are very head strong and just appear to me as though there may be little or no hope to change their behaviors around for the good. That’s why I suggest that any of you Abies that have behavior issues call Mommy Lexus; I will whip you into shape. Some Abies take more time then others, but the finished product is amazing! The first step in mommy’s ABDL obedience training is making the call to discuss with me your problems and we will go from there!


Dommy Mommy Lexus



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