Diaper Humiliation

Do you remember when we first met?  You really did seem like a big tough man, I was almost fooled by those muscles and rugged good looks; but that went away fast the first time you pulled down your pants!  I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at that pathetic excuse for a cock dangling between your legs.  Most ladies would […]


Sissy Maid

  A little story as to why Jonathan was turned into a Sissy Maid.   Jonathan, my long time roomie had come home late again from work rambling on about yet another terrible day. He hasn’t really ever fit in there; I have harped on him over and over to find another job. He works […]


Diaper Lover Dare

  So college classes started back up a few weeks back and I have this friend that is studying to be a lawyer. He wanted me to dare him to wear his diapers out in public. There is nothing more that I love then a Diaper Lovers Dare, but I cannot help but worry about […]


Teacher Phonesex

  Jacob, a new student in my class thinks he is all that. He has quit the ego, very pompous attitude and all the teenyboppers cater to his every whim. He is in for a real lesson in my class. I will delight in watching him fold. In my class he will learn that he […]

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