Enema for the Holidays

Is everyone looking forward to Thanksgiving?  I hope so.  Sometimes I have a very…unusual thought process.  Take for example this: as I’m writing out my shopping list, deciding what I need for the stuffing, I thought came to me – what if instead of stuffing a turkey, I would stuff another type of white meat, […]


Nurse Betty Takes Care of ABy Lacy

Working in an ABy nursery certainly keeps me on my toes. I, of course, help to take care of sick little ones at the nursery as well as general care for the sweet ones. From bottle-feeding to diaper changes to the occasional spanking when a mischievous little one needs to be disciplined. Lots and lots […]


Diaper Punishment

I warned you what was going to happen if you did it again, didn’t I? That the price for your insolence was going to be high.  Now look at your self – your diapered ass exposed as your sitting in a crib, restraints keeping your naughty self still while I stuff the enema nozzle deep […]


A Good Cleaning

Do you what day it is?  It’s the day that one of your “Uncles” comes over for a very special visit.  Now don’t be like that, you know how much all your Uncles adore coming over and visiting with you.  And you know how they like you cleaned up extra special for them.  You need […]


Clogged up?

  Then I have just the treatment for you. All this month I am doing an intense colon cleansing for my adult babies who need help to be cleaned out! Do not wait another moment with an unhealthy colon and a dry non-filled dirty diaper! Make an appointment with Nurse Betty today and I will […]


Enemas it does a body good!

Hello Class, please quickly take your seats we have a big day planned! Today, is Enema Day! The only time you are expelled without being sent home *laughs sadistically* I have a variety of methods we will use today both bag and disposable enemas. I have laced the bottles and sippy cups that are on […]

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