Giantess Mommy

I had my friend make me a potion to grow and grow. Every time my aby cries I would grow slightly. How was I to know he would have a fit and I would grow to such a size. Now Mommy will have to find a way for aby to grow so that she can […]


Sissy baby girl

Hi shy sissy baby, do you want to be Mommy’s baby girl? Oh honey come over with Mommy and I will help you feel just like a real baby girl. From the bows in your hair to the bows on the toe of your shoes you are going to be my baby girl, every inch […]


I love men in diapers

I like my men in diapers. When I get to change an adult diaper and do something private and special with someone close to me, it’s as if we’re in our own world. During that time there is no one else on earth. There’s no telling how many diapers I have changed over the years, […]


Baby’s First Halloween

Guess what Baby-Pants? You’re going to go out in public as my aby this Halloween night. I don’t care how much you cry and fuss it’s going to happen. You’ll have on a big adult aby diaper (or diapers), a shirt and some socks and shoes. If you get cold then you’ll get stuck in […]


Mommy Knows

Sometimes Mamma has advice for you and you just know in your little heart that you know better than she does. So you go out and do as you please. Maybe you even get away with it. You start to feel very pleased with yourself and the next thing you know you’re doing something else […]


diapered husband

Margaret came home to find her sissy husband had not finished his chores. He apologized as he went kneeling in front of her. He may have been sorry, but it happened too often. Margaret decided to make him into a diapered husband. Sissy Gary had his panties taken away and they were replaced with diapers […]

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