Office Visit: A Story of Diaper Punishment

At first when you see me in the hall at your office you smile and think what a wonderful surprise.  Then you notice the rather large bag on my shoulder, and your thoughts start to race.  Noooo, she wouldn’t…she couldn’t….and you play back the conversation/argument from the night before. How it ended with what you [...]


A Special Lollipop

My abie has been an all right boy, a little trouble this weekend that just passed but over all good. So I took him to get a new stuffed animal and some candy. Candy is extremely limited in mommy’s house. So once we got home he wanted to share his lollipop with mommy. I thought how sweet, [...]


Brand New Baby Girl

I am a very lucky Mommy.  One of my callers loves to role play that he comes to my house because I have adopted him away from his parents.  During his first day with me we do a lot of things.  First off we have to get him out of his boy clothes and into [...]


Surprise Sissy Baby Make Over

  I love surprising someone when I inform them of their new role of, not just being a baby, but of being a sissy baby!  Leading them to their newly decorated nursery, complete with a pink crib and all the frilly trimmings!  They have the most cutest, dumbfounded looks on their faces when they realize [...]


It’s Time For Beddy Bye!

                Brrr, It’s definitey time for my little ones to be wearing their footie pajamas! And you know what, it’s also time for me to be wearing mine! There are so many cute adult sized footie pajamas! I bought myself a pair of pink ones with silver stars, [...]


Sissy Group Therapy

I’m a firm believer in the support system.  So when one of my little sissies started to act up, and whine about wanting to have a cummie in their diaper, then I figured it was time for some sissy group therapy.   This would be a case of be careful what you wish for, because [...]


Mommy’s Magic Bottle

Made a new friend tonight, his name is Scottie.  He came over for a drink and got a little bit more than he bargained for… I slipped him a little something from my magic bottle that made him regress to toddler age. He got a little woozy at first, and all of a sudden, he [...]


Naughty Sissy Prissy Spanking Time!!!

  So you think you deserve loving spankings? You’re one naughty Sissy Prissy Abie for thinking that! I think you deserve a Naughty Sissy Prissy Spanking. I know you have watching mommy having fun with her lovely ladies…. Tell me, did you get aroused by watching mommy play with her lovely girlfriends? Did it make [...]


Punishments for Naughty Boys

You had the nerve to actually ask me what I will do to naughty little boys.  A slow, knowing smile crosses my face – you want to know what I do to naughty boys? To you? Very well, I’ll tell you: I will put a cute little frilly dress on you and put you in [...]


Diapered Clown Humiliation

The circus is in town…I love it when the circus comes to town.  I’ve been planning a special little surprise for a practical joker of mine.  Seems he has been getting in to a lot of trouble lately, all under the guise of trying to be funny and pulling practical jokes.  But the truth of [...]

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