May 18th, 2013

Adult Baby Picnic for Memorial Day

Adult Baby Picnic for Memorial Day Adult Baby Picnic for Memorial Day abdl picnic mommy maggie

What better way to kick off the summer season then with a picnic on Memorial Day!  We can pack a wonderful picnic lunch with all your favorites – corn on the cob, hot dogs, fried chicken, potato salad, plus of course watermelon (what’s a Memorial Day picnic without watermelon?).  But I always say the more the merrier, so let’s bring all your stuffed little furries and plushies too!  We can have a regular outdoor picnic with all your soft little friends to share in the fun!  And after you have tuckered yourself out form all the play, and after I have laid you down for a diaper change, it will be time to lay your head down for a well deserved nap in the afternoon – won’t it be comforting to have all your friends to cuddle up with and guide you off to dream land (that way you will be well rested for the fireworks at night!)?  And yes, we can light sparklers and run around at night and catch fireflies as well, making out picnic complete!


So what do you say? Shall we have an Adult Baby picnic with all your plushies?


Mommy Maggie


May 17th, 2013

The To Do List

The To Do List The To Do List femdom switchingThe to do list is something you need to think about,it will consist of many things some you enjoy doing and some not so much.I will start this off with a short list and you can add as we go along in the session but you can’t not delete anything.



High Heels and i mean High





Latex Fetish

Leather Fetish


Public Spankings

Food Fetish

Plastic panties




Now there is the short to do list as i said earlier this is a short to do list we will start with.



Oh you don’t think its a short list at all huh well i can surely make it so much longer and much worst than what it is i don’t do complaints from wimps like you so you really need to learn that lesson as of now.

May 14th, 2013

Cuckold Sissy in Training

Cuckold Sissy in Training Cuckold Sissy in Training sissybabyhaileyforblog 2

Ah, the joy's of having your own sissy!



You been such a good Sissy Boi for Mommy today that you get a special treat.  That’s right, you get to help Mommy get ready for her date tonight!  Take this lotion and be sure to get it on every inch of Mommy’s skin, I want to be so soft and silky when he runs his hands all over me.

Mommy has picked out the perfect tight fitting, low cut dress, a beautiful satin bra and thong, and the sexiest new pair of heels for the evening.  See how stunning Mommy looks? See how long & sexy my legs look in these stockings? I can’t wait to make you watch him tear these clothes off of me and ravish me!

He’s a real man and knows how to please a woman.  I love the feel of the hard length of him, the ripple of the muscles on his back and hips as he claims his prize.  And the whole time we are enjoying one another, there you will be, in your chastity device, like a good little sissy.  You don’t need to use that little flopsy anyway!  Mommy will tell you when, or even if, you deserve any relief.  If you’re very, very good, I MIGHT let you clean up his mess.

Now be good and bring us a nice drink….we’ve worked up quite a thirst!  And make it quick!




Mommy Sara
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Intl.: 011.1.714.442.2402
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May 13th, 2013

Slippery mommies day

Slippery mommies day Slippery mommies day girls kissing girls 21

You better have served your mommy real good hopefully she had a very slippery mommies day!

Whoever  you have love for a grannie a T-mommy,sitter,teasing cousin or Giantess you know how she

likes to be treated.

Give her naked breakfast in bed  or a sweaty threesome all you can imagine mommy likes.

Mommy Crissy is in real need of a sexy girl to suck face with I can not wait to see who you choose

for me to play with. As we are making out you can make me a mothers day card with some

macaroni. There is a good Abie, Mommies just love getting gifts!

Thanks again for giving me a sweet phonemommy day!

fax Slippery mommies day Slippery mommies day FLMNetworkSig505ffd66940c3

May 12th, 2013

Bye-bye, Peepee!

Bye-bye, Peepee! Bye-bye, Peepee! shots

I’m sure you’re wondering what you’re doing here today, hmm? Your Mommy brought you to me but she didn’t exactly explain why you were coming to visit a nurse who specializes in adult babies. I know that for a long time now, Mommy has treated you as her babi girl, even though you have those pesky boi parts hmm? Well you see, she’s ready to take the next step now – to make certain that you don’t get yourself into any trouble with that peepee.

Today is the first day of your new treatment plan. Give me your arm so I can administer the first dose. Now no resisting dear, you wouldn’t want the syringe to end up somewhere it isn’t supposed to go, now would you. No, I didn’t think so. That’s better, see, one quick and easy shot and its all done. Now your Mommy will bring you here every few months to administer the shot and we won’t have to worry about your pesky peepee causing any problems. Alright then sweetie, take your lollipop and be on your way.

Oh, what does the shot do? It’s a high dose of birth control. Hehehehe, I know you can’t get pregnant silly, but with that shot your little peepee wont work either! Bye-bye now, see you in a few months!

Nurse Betty



May 12th, 2013

Sex Ed Teacher Ava

Sex Ed Teacher Ava Sex Ed Teacher Ava 31396 ARredroom110 123 411lo 2

Sex Ed teacher phone sex with caller X.  I’m the sexy long legged big breasted red head, sex ed teacher. School wasn’t as fun without me was it? Health was just a boring class consisting of hormonal teenagers and overused textbooks. Well today something seems different. You’re sitting in your desk, the other students carelessly waiting for class to begin. You lay your head down when the class turns completely silent. You look up and standing in the doorway just happens to be your greatest fantasy come true. Tall, long legs, burgundy hair, the tips ending right at a pair of ginormous breasts. You almost wonder how she even got into the school dressed like that. “Hello class, I’m Miss Ava. I am going to be your new health teacher.” You listen to her go on about the lesson plan but all you can think about is stuffing your face between those glorious mounds. Night after night you’d blow your load to red headed porn stars and now it looks like one just happens to be your teacher. It’s only when she puts her hand on your leg, is when you come out of your daze. Her fingers discreetly run up to the hard on in your pants. Without even caring she begins to grasp it and lean down to whisper in your ear. “I’d like to see you after class.” You definitely know you’ll be getting A’s in Health now.  Call Ms. Ava for your teacher fantasy phone sex.



May 10th, 2013

Mommy Knows What You Were Doing

Mommy Knows What You Were Doing Mommy Knows What You Were Doing sissybabyboi1

Don't hide in the corner my sweet!


Sweet, silly, sissy ABy! You can’t hide from Mommy!  Mommy always knows what her ABies are doing, even behind closed doors.

I heard the funny sounds coming from your room, so I decided I better peek in and make sure you were ok.  I had, after all, just laid you down for a nap, which you weren’t very happy about.  You were so busy squirming around and talking to yourself, that you didn’t hear Mommy open the door.  Oh what a sweet surprise I got when I did!  You had found your new baby doll that Mommy bought for you and decided that you’d put it on, instead of your jammies.  What a pretty sight you were, all covered in pink ruffled sweetness, with your hand rubbing your fresh new diapey.

But, you know the rules, and when Mommy says it’s nap time, then it’s nap time and there’s to be no excuses.  So, my boi, you can either take a nap like a good little sissy, or I can post the pictures that I took for all the world to see!

Sweet dreams, my ABy!  No pouting!


Mommy Sara

Must be 18+
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May 6th, 2013

Many tastes of a dommy mommy


Many tastes of a dommy mommy Many tastes of a dommy mommy outfit

I am a dommy mommy & into all fetishes and a vast array of kinks!

Come one come all to the Dark playroom and experience a femdom temptress!

If you love to wet and mess I am one of many domina’s you can have.

I will have you on your knees ready to serve and please in no time.

Give me a reason to strap you into my punishment chair and you will not even have time to react

as I brand my playroom sign onto your ass!

Just try to escape and I will show you what happens to the slaves

who think they can possibly survive with out the

Mistress of Vile Viciousness!


fax Many tastes of a dommy mommy Many tastes of a dommy mommy FLMNetworkSig505bd4b9636b1

May 5th, 2013

Taken Care of by Mommy

abdl mommy Taken Care of by Mommy Taken Care of by Mommy sick lacy

I was a wittle bit sick this week. I just didn’t feel good at all! Daddy was busy getting ready for our trip, so my T-girl Mommy took care of me most of the week. She kept me tucked in my big comfy princess bed and came in every hour to check on me. After a couple of days of not feeling better she said she was gonna have to give me some medicine.

First she gave me a warm bubble bath. She used my very favorite bubble bath that smells like vanilla and sugar. Once I was all clean and soft she said it was time for my medicine. T-Mommy put me up on my changing table and told me to relax so that the medicine would go in easily. She rubbed my tummy while she used Vaseline to get my bottom ready for the medicine. When I saw how big the suppositories were I got kinda nervous, but T-Mommy calmed me down and I relaxed my bottom so she could slide them in.

Guess what?! It wasn’t bad at all!! It almost felt like when me and Daddy play games hehehe! And after the medicine was in, my tranny Mommy gave me a special present for being a good girl! She gave me the prettiest, most sparkliest toy to put in my bottom when I felt all better. She turned around and pulled up her dress and showed me the one she had in her bottom! I’m so excited to have matching toys with Mommy!

Love, Lacy



May 4th, 2013

Bedtime For Aby

Bedtime For Aby Bedtime For Aby CANDY FRAME FOR WORDPRESS 2

Aww look at mommy’s abdl boi all wrapped up in your favorite blankie!  There’s nothing like bundling aby in a warm and fuzzy blanket.  Add a warm bottle and a favorite stuffed animal and you have all the makings of a perfect bedtime for aby! What could make bedtime any better?  A lullaby from mommy would make it the perfect beddy bye time. Right? Oh lets not forget a fresh diaper for my diaper boi and a nice cocktail for Mommy!



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