August 10, 2014

Kinky Babysitting

  Today was insane!  I got a phonesex call from a man who wanted me to babysit him on cam while his wife was at work.  There are some amazing perks to being a phonesex babe and watching people on cam is one of them.  My caller is a sissy baby and for those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s when an adult male has a need to act and dress as baby girl.  I think maybe he wanted me to be sympathetic to his situation and be a shoulder to cry on.  As I diapered and dressed my sissy on cam I told him what a big loser he is and no woman would want a big sissy fag like him.  I gave him a 10 min lecture about the size of his baby peepee as he sat in his poopy diaper on cam crying like a little bitch.  Boo hoo hahahahaha I swear all the sissy fag losers gravitate to me. Ava 1*888*430*2010
August 9, 2014

Taboo Phone Play: Just a Peek

Mommy sees how curious you are getting about your changing body…about girls and how they are different from boys.  I’ve seen you trying to sneak a peek down my blouse or under my dress when I bend over…honestly it gives me a little tickle, hehe.  So when I catch you trying to sneak a peek at me, I confront you; instead of getting angry, I ask you if you would like to take a peek and see how mommies are different from little boys (after all, if it isn’t up to mommy to teach you all about the birds and the bees, then who’s is it?).  I lift up my dress for you, exposing my little lacy panties.  I tell you to come a little closer and get a better look…closer my precious…closer…if you like, I can let you see what mommies have underneath our pretty little panties, but just a peek, ok?     Mommy Maggy 1.888.430.2010  
August 4, 2014

Mommy time

I really could use some mommy time how about you? Come on little ab behave & get in the water with me that is such a fuss you made about having to take a bath! Stop talking back or I will discipline you! Oh you think you are bigger than your britch’s time for some spanking’s, get over my knee I so not care if you are wet. hold still cause you will slip if you do not, One red ass is what you need to stay on the right path! Next time do as you are told. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
August 2, 2014

Sweet but Naughty ABDL Mommy

Are you looking for a sweet but naughty ABDL Mommy for some ABDL phone play? I’m a very naughty mommy that just loves to diaper her sweet baby boy up and get him smelling all sweet like baby powder. You work so hard all day, you deserve to be able to just relax and let someone else take charge when you get home. You can regress and be a little helpless baby boy with me. I’ll give you a nice warm bath, let you suckle at my titties and then snuggle you into a fresh diaper and comfy pajamas. Do you like it when mommy holds you down and tickles you until you squeal with delight? I have your binkie and you teddy bear waiting for you along with your special blankie. Mommy knows just what all my AB/DL’s need, so I’ll have you cooing in no time!   Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010  
July 29, 2014


What a naughty adult baby you are! Keep your hand’s to yourself you should know better then to look up that girl’s skirt! I need to give you a hard spanking now since you decided to misbehave. Now do  not mis-understand my strict dommy way’s I am doing this to get you on the correct path. Hold still while I bring the hairbrush down this hurt’s me more then it hurt’s you. Be sure of the lesson and you may not have to keep getting the punishment! Veronika 1*888*430*2010
July 26, 2014

Spanked Sissies

Now I would hate for one of my sissies to get into trouble and embarrass themselves when they had to be spanked by someone who wasn’t Mommy. That’s why I don’t hesitate to spank and punish my sissy boys. Sissy boys that have been in my care know that I don’t hold back when it comes to giving much needed spankings. A lot of problems could be solved if sissies were just punished for acting up and put through training. If you’re a sissy baby and you’re reading this while shaking your head no to my suggestions then you’re probably in need of the most spanking.     Dommy Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010 YIM: phonemommyscarlet