November 10, 2013

Jenna Rules!

  Listen up adult babies; today Sitter Jenna’s in charge. Your mommy and daddy went off somewhere for the whooooole night. That means from now to when you go to bed, to the time you get up in the morning I’m the boss and everything I say goes!! I always have mommies and daddies asking me to be a sitter for their adult babies. That’s because they know that when I’m the sitter, you dumb ABies aren’t gonna get away with anything! What your mommies and daddies don’t know is that sometimes I’m not the most well behaved sitter. Sometimes I might wanna have some of my girlfriends over to see what little loser adult babies I’m sitting for. Other times I might have some of my “special” friends over to play special games. Those kinda games are not for ABies! And don’t even waste your time thinking I’ll let you play them with me. If you’re really really good and you keep your little mouth shut, then just maybe I’ll let you watch when we play! At least then you’ll have something to think about when you’ve got your hand down your diaper hahaha! Oh you thought I didn’t notice the icky ways you play with yourself?!! Silly adult babies, Sitter Jenna knows everything!! Jenna 888-430-2010    
November 10, 2013

Potty Training

Potty training isn’t any fun for anyone i hate having to try and potty train.Well these new potty chairs just wasn’t working so i looked around and found one that most certainly will do the job of potty training you can sit on this one till you do what needs to be done see even has a strap to secure you and keep you in place till you do.As i have told you before mommy does know best.Hmm Potty Training anyone lol Victoria 1.888.430.2010
November 8, 2013

Two-fer Diapering: Diapered in both Cloth and Disposable

In my travels as an ABDL Mommy, I have coined the phrase ‘Two-fering’ or ‘two-fer diapered/diapering’, or simply ‘two-fered’ as in “you’re going to be two-fered.”  It’s when I place both a cloth diaper and disposable diaper on a little one’s tushie (cloth first, then the disposable over it).   It could be for practical purposes – the cloth diaper used as a sort of soaker or booster of added absorbency.  It could be for the added effect – wanting you to feel the thickness between your legs, making your waddle very predominant and to bring to the fore ground that you are indeed an adult baby.  Or it could be a tool for punishment – forcing you to wear such a thickness in public so there are no doubts as to your wearing a diaper, forcing you to soak both beyond capacity, leaving you leaking and sagging and over all very “uncomfortable” and rethinking your little transgression that has place you in this predicament in the first place.   Now before you think, oh that’s not too bad, ponder this little tidbit:  the number of actual cloth diapers and disposable diapers can fluctuate; from a simple 1:1 ratio to a much higher one – say 10:1 or even 3:2 ratio. As you can now tell, two-fering doesn’t refer to number of diapers you have on; it refers to the two types of diapers you have on!     So, are you ready to be “two-fered”?   Lexus 1.888.430.2010
November 4, 2013

Naughty Little Pants Wetter!

  When your mommy asked me to babysit you, I was a little confused… why would a grown man would need a sitter?! Well then she started to tell me things… like how you need looking after, or you end up getting yourself into trouble. She even told me that sometimes you still have “accidents”. Accidents?! How is he still having accidents?! She explained that you were never really potty trained, she tried when you were little, but you just refused to learn. As you grew up it never got better, and now even as an adult man you still hadn’t stopped wetting yourself. She showed me your bedroom with the big changing table; the shelf with the diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. She said that even though she’d given up on you ever actually learning to use the big boy potty, that I should still give you a little spanking when you wet yourself. So today when I came over I knew what to expect. You did ok for the first couple of hours, so I thought maybe you were finally learning. I took you to the park as a treat, pleased with your good behavior. I watched you kick your soccer ball around, having fun. And then… few minutes later I saw you stop and look down at the ground. You looked soooo sad and worried. Slowly you picked the ball up and walked over to me. Samantha…. You mumbled. And then you just looked down, immediately I saw the problem. Your shorts were soaked from the crotch all the way down your legs. Even though your mommy had warned me I was still angry and shocked. A grown man like you shouldn’t be wetting his pants anymore!! “Tony, I can’t believe you!” I said, shaking my head. I grabbed your hand and dragged you home. When we got home I took you right to your room and sat down on the bed and started roughly unbuttoning your pants. I looked up as I was yanking them down and saw how scared you were. My heart melted just a tiny bit when you started sniffling. “Oh, sweetie it’s ok,” I sighed, petting your hair. “We’ll just do a quick soft spanking and then I’ll put you in a nice fresh diaper, doesn’t that sound nice?” Gently, I pulled down your underwear and pulled you over my knee. “Now we’ll just do 5 spanks, ok sweetie.” I spanked your bare bottom, quick and sharp. By the end you were still sniffling, but I stood you up gently, “Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” You shook your head no and sniffled a little more. I held your hand as we walked over to the changing table and helped you hop up. I handed you your teddy bear and pulled out a couple wipes. I wiped between your legs and over your sensitive privates before lifting up your legs to wipe your bottom. I squeezed some lotion into my hands and rubbed my palms together to warm it. I massaged your little pink bottom and then made sure to get the lotion all over your privates. Sliding a fresh white diaper under your bottom; I could see how much you enjoyed the feeling of the thick cottony material. I tapped a little bit of powder in, and attached the two tabs to close up your diaper. You really were a sweet guy after all, even if I did have to put you in diapers. I think I’ll tell your mommy that I would be happy to babysit you again. Naughty little pants wetter, heheh! Sitter Samantha 888-430-2010  
November 4, 2013


Aniliagnia is the fetish of being attracted to  older women . This guy Steve is so fascinated by grannie’s and nannie’s of a ripe old age of at least 50 and up. He likes the way they smell the way they slowly get hot as they wet them huge granny pantie’s. He say’s women that are a older just know what it take’s to keep a man satisfied that is what make’s him so hard when he walk’s by the lady’s  senior center. The way older women carry them selve’s with one look at him they send Steve to his knee’s in wave’s of pleasure.   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
October 31, 2013

Halloween Dress Up

Ok, I just had to laugh when I saw this!! That poor kitty – having to be subjected to dressing up like a spider for Halloween, LOL!  I bet you can relate though, huh?  How many times has mommy forced you into a pretty little sissy dress as part of your petticoat punishment, hmm?  And how about for Halloween? Is she insisting on dressing you up as a ballerina or a princess fairy?  Bet she thinks you will look absolutely adorable in pink and lace and ruffles!  Now now, you know better then to argue with mommy – after all, like I always say, Mommy knows Best!!     Maggie 1.888.430.2010
October 28, 2013

diapered in my dungeon

  Such a lowly little dl slave. diapered in my dungeon are you ready to be a good sub for your mistress Crissy? If I wish you know I can inflict punishment you will never forget. Begging me for your suffering will do no good to delay the inevitable. Do follow order’s next time and I will keep my paddle in the pain cabinet. I can see you are ready to break about time. Now take that filthy diaper off and change yourself, you do not deserve to be in  your mistress’s presence any longer ,smelling horrendous!   Crissy 1*888*430*2010
October 27, 2013

Naughty Tinkle Play

Sometimes I like to open my diaper when daddy isn’t around and go tinkle in it so I can watch. I have to be really sneaky though, because it always ends up being a big mess and daddy gets mad. See, I hold my tinkle for as long as I can so then when daddy puts me in a new diaper before nap time, I have a nice long time to spend playing with my diaper. Once daddy walks out, I sit up on my elbows and I pull the tabs on my diaper to open it up. Everything’s still fresh and dry… hehe! Then I start to let it drip out slow, so I can feel it running down my lips and pooling in my diaper. I tinkle in my diaper in little droplets, and some times big long streams, till alllll my tinkle is out. This is where it gets messy! I love to squish my diaper and make the tinkle all come out so it can soak back in…. but usually that’s when it gets all over the bed. I pull the front of my diaper up against me and squish it between my lips and let it drip all over me! Then when daddy comes back to check on my after my nap, I can tell him I just did it while I was sleeping, and I didn’t mean to open my diaper, hehehehe! Love, Lacy 888-430-2010  
October 21, 2013

way’s to blackmail

    All the way’s to blackmail you it truly fascinate’s me. When you are away from me I can not think of anything else but revealing what you crave I do to you to your friend’s and family. Be aware that it just takes one email, one text and your life will be ruined you will lose your job, perhaps even your home. The sordid detail’s of our little session’s could just slip out who know’s maybe I will be shopping in the same store as your wife and in random conversation I could bring up how much her husband love’s being spanked while on all four’s wearing a pink french maid outfit and stocking’s. Just never miss a session and I will not have to tell anyone what we do.   Veronika 1*888*430*2010