May 4th, 2013

Diaper Fun

adult-diaper-guide-3  Diaper Fun  adult diaper guide 3 I found these diapers and thought to myself these would be good to use as a sort of diaper punishment looks like they have some kind of metal to them around the waist band maybe put some holes in the sides and insert the lock and there you go.Then you have some great diapers to use for those that like to take them off in front of everyone and runs around butt naked naughty some  like to do that or for the ones that likes to tiddy when they are told not to.

Are you one of these  that are very naughty and doesn’t do what your told then if you are you really need one of these diapers now think i will make sure i have a nice supply of these because it looks like they will be needed.Then after your in the diaper stick you in a locking crib laughing don’t like the sound of that my little one i just bet you don’t.



May 2nd, 2013

AB/Sissy Trafficking

AB/Sissy Trafficking ab sissy trafficking with lexus

You thought you knew all there was about the AB/DL community, didn’t you?  That it’s sweet and fun and yes, a bit naughty, but all and all harmless, didn’t you?  But I’m here to tell you that there is another side to this apparent harmless world; one that is not so benign – it is the seedy underbelly of the AB/sissy world of which I speak.  And in this underworld of diapers and sissy dresses, pacifiers and petticoats, unsuspecting would-be Abies and Sissies are snatched up, gagged, and dragged to a place where they are displayed and auctioned off for various “less then honorable” intentions, heeheehee.


Oh yes, it is not talked about openly in mixed company, but whispered about in dark allies, in shadowed corners of less then reputable establishments.  Potential sissies and such are scouted, tracked and eventually, grabbed for training and auctioning.  Some buyers like their Abies and sissies broken and trained prior – others like to do the breaking in themselves (woe to those that are subjected to this manner of ‘training’).  There is even a darker side in which deals are made to borrow, rent out, and even swap these trafficked individuals as commodities.


So let me leave you with this last final thought – the next time you think you are being followed or watched, it may not be your imagination or paranoia… it may, in fact, be your soon-to-be abductors, plotting and planning your introduction into the wonderful world of AB/Sissy trafficking.




April 30th, 2013

Mommy’s Pretty Sissy Boi

Mommy's Pretty Sissy Boi mommyssissyboi 2

What a Pretty Little Sissy

Someone is in alot of trouble!  That’s right, Mommy heard you’ve been a naughty ABy.  I’m usually a sweet, doting Mommy, but I’ve told you what happens to naughty ABies.  A sound spanking and this darling new outfit should be just the ticket for you.  Don’t act embarassed and shy, you don’t have a choice in this matter!
Now that I’ve got you all dressed up like my Pretty Boi, it’s time for a nice walk downtown.  Be sure not to scuff those white patent leather dress shoes! Mommy loves to show off her pretty sissy ABy!  Hold my hand and be sure to curtsy nicely to folks who stop to stare.  That’s a good Boi! Let everyone see what a lacy sissy you are.
A quick stop in Mommy’s favorite Salon to get your hair and nails done.  And, I think, to complete your new look….some waxing.
I can’t wait to tell you how hard the girls in the Salon laughed when I paraded you in.
Wouldn’t you love to know what happened after we laid you, spread eagle, on the waxing table?  Call me so I  can tell you about every humiliating moment!

April 29th, 2013

Mommy crissy & the femdom cock lock


Mommy crissy & the femdom cock lock naughtysissy

Mommy crissy and the femdom cock lock just what the doctor ordered

to curb your busy hands, we can not have you sticking your fingers down in your lacy panties while we

are out in public, now can we? What do you think you can just grab that filthy cock any time you like?

I will put a stop that only when I give you permission will you be touching that rod that gets you in so much trouble. Where is that big man at that told me how many decision’s he has to make in his high rise office?

He is nothing more than a scared little sissy maid begging to serve his sexy mommy!


fax  Mommy crissy & the femdom cock lock FLMNetworkSig505ffd66940c3

April 28th, 2013

Spring Cleaning Sissies

sissy maid  Spring Cleaning Sissies spring cleaning

With spring finally in full swing, I’ve got an entire fleet of sissies all in a tizzy getting my house clean. Now its common knowledge that sissies make the best maids, and I’ve always found that spring-cleaning is the best time to break in new sissies.

I had one ABy in particular that I knew was ready for the sissy transformation. A stubborn, naughty little babi that needed to learn to behave himself. When I started to dress him for his sissy maid tasks I could see that the training process was going to be just delightful hehehe!

All dressed up in their required uniforms (cute little French maid dresses, of course) they dash around the house making everything all squeaky clean. Of course I’m hardest on the new sissies! I stand over them while they scrub the bathroom floors and look for every little tiny imperfection I can find. My newest sissy maid was charged with washing the windows. Each and every single windowpane was meant to sparkle. I stood behind the new sissy with a glass of ice tea in one hand and a switch in the other. Every time she tried to grumble, or moved on to the next pane without thoroughly cleaning the last, I flicked the switch against the back of her thighs. Hehehe she certainly learned to keep quiet and thorough after a while. But I still found reasons for giving her a lick every now and then.

Don’t you just love spring cleaning?!

Mommy Liz



April 26th, 2013

Worship Every Inch

Worship Every Inch  worshipeveryinch 2



You open the door and find me waiting for you in your favorite lingerie.  I feel your eyes roam from my shiny black stilettos up my stocking clad legs, over my black lace covered pussy, and to the firm swell of my tits.  As you drink me in, I get excited, my every breath becoming shorter and faster.

As you reach out to touch me, I turn away, giving you a tantalizing view of my tight round ass as I make my way to the chaise lounge.

“Come here…”, I command softly.

With lust in your eyes, and an evident bulge in your pants, you make your way over to where I’m reclining.

“Worship me” I say with a firm purr.

I feel your hands tremble as you lift a heeled foot and gaze at it hungrily.  Slowly, almost painfully slow, you undo the delicate strap that binds my foot in.  As you see my red polish peeking through the stocking, you give a low moan.

You lower your face to my foot, taking a deep breath, and I feel you quiver.  The anticipation is getting to you because you know you must worship me well, or be denied your pleasure.

What will you do, lover?  Will you treat me like the prize I am?  Will you satisfy me that you are worthy to receive the gifts I can bestow on you?

Mmmm…I can’t wait to hear how you will worship the rest of me


1 888 430 2010




April 26th, 2013

Consequences: A Story in Diaper Punishment

You get a call from me at work – I’m disturbingly cold as I inform you that I know what you have done…and there will be consequences…severe consequences for your actions, and then I simply hang up.  You are left in a state of panic as you search your brain for a clue as to what I have discovered, taking an inventory of what wrongs you have perpetrated (it could be one of many you surmise).  When you arrive home, you call out for me, but no voice answers back.  You move from one room to the next, searching, but half wishing that you do not find me, afraid of what is to come.

Consequences: A Story in Diaper Punishment consequences and diaper punishment with mommy maggie

Then you enter the bedroom, and you see what can only be the fore-mentioned consequences – confused you just stand there looking at what has been laid out for you.  Your mind whirls as you piece together what is in store for you, what you are about to be subjected to.  You know what will happen upon your refusal – you are well aware that I know where all the bodies are buried, know every skeleton, every deep dark secret that would leave your life in ruins if certain people would be informed of any one of them, or god forbid, they were to become public knowledge.  And you also know I have no qualms about using such knowledge if I deem it prudent to my needs.  You breathe in deeply, resigned to your fate.

I come up behind you and say matter-of-factly over your shoulder, “I told you there would be consequences…now disrobe.”


Are you ready for you Diaper Punishment? To be bound and restrained for your own good?  It’s time to experience Maggie for yourself ~



April 22nd, 2013

Spanking Fun!

spanking adultbaby  Spanking Fun! spankingfun


Sometimes, when an adult baby is being naughty, they just need a little spanking to set them straight. A lotta times I don’t bother with spankings and I just got straight to something a little more fun and humiliating heehee. Every once in a while though, spankings can be pretty fun themselves. Especially depending on the way you go about them.

Like the last spanking I gave was for a little ABy who couldn’t keep his mouth shut. All day long he would scream and whine and just generally annoy me, so I thought of a way to teach him a lesson and shut him up. I got him a special paci that strapped around his head and stayed in place to fill his loud little mouth, so as soon as he started annoying me I shoved it right in! I pulled him over my lap and used one arm to hold him down while I yanked down his pants and diaper. Then I spent a good 20 or 30 minutes delivering a spanking heehee!! I would go faster and slower, stop for a little bit then keep going, and the whole time he had his special ball gag paci in to muffle his loud mouth!

I guess spankings are ok every once in a while heehee! Especially when I make them extra fun for me!




April 22nd, 2013

The art of a bdsm mistress & domina mother


The art of a bdsm mistress & domina mother veronica smiles

It is such a great time with me as a very scary domina mother .

My voice commands tones that make you quake in your steps.

Eyes that could shut down a naughty adult baby with one look.

Arms that wield  paddles of all shapes and sizes.

Lips that can melt minds into whatever way of thinking I deem fits the situation.

legs that go on for days & a walk that you can not stop thinking about as I parade you in front of all

the horrified parents at the park in your pink bonnet and diaper asking them if they think you are

a bad abie? Better behave or you will feel the sting of my spankings.

Ruthless & wicked


fax  The art of a bdsm mistress & domina mother FLMNetworkSig505bd4b9636b1

April 21st, 2013

Sweet ABDL Mommy Candy

Sweet ABDL Mommy Candy candy fantasy mommy phone sex

Does baby have a fussy tummy? Oh my my how little aby needs Mommy Candy’s sweet and nurturing hands.  This phonesex Mommy is patient and does not want her little adult baby to grow up or ever stop wearing diapers.

This Mommy wants to diaper you like an adult baby twenty four seven.  This means all the time no exceptions what so ever.   I mean after all Mommy always knows what’s best for her little adult baby.

Mommy Candy will always have the best of everything for my little aby.  Mommy always has lots of bambino diapers ready to diaper your cute bottom.  Lots of J&J baby powder and you just smell it in the air….mmm smells like a AB nursery.

Mommy loves to take care of all sorts of adult babies…from sissy baby to sissy sluts.  All adult babies are welcome in my AB nursery :)  Sweet ABDL Mommy Candy icon smile

Mommy Candy


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