December 9, 2013

abdl discipline

  I know you think it is fun to be a bad little one. You should know I will answer your tantrum with discipline. Spanking, assignment’s as well as force diapering are just a few tool’s in my arsenal. But mommy you whine I am a big boy I do not wanna wear my diaper, only little baby’s wear them. I am going to go potty in the big boy bathroom. You will use your diaper and you will like it, that is the end of your talking back. Oh mommy you do not believe me you say I can too go to the bathroom why do I have to be in diapers? Because mommy see’s your accident’s and I refuse to keep cleaning your sheet’s. You are a big baby deal with it!   Crissy 1*888*430*2010
December 7, 2013

ABDL Obedience Training

So you ask yourself, “is Mommy Lexus really that strict?” And of course my response is a simple one – “Me? Mommy Lexus…strict? LOL of course I am!” How else do you think all of the very obedient Abies that I take care of are so well mannered? I get compliments all of the time about how some of them come to me with behaviors that no one else can seem to correct! I guess I just have a way with Adult Babies. Not just any way, but Dommy Mommy Lexus’ way! I must say that it’s not always an easy task. Some of the Abies I get are very head strong and just appear to me as though there may be little or no hope to change their behaviors around for the good. That’s why I suggest that any of you Abies that have behavior issues call Mommy Lexus; I will whip you into shape. Some Abies take more time then others, but the finished product is amazing! The first step in mommy’s ABDL obedience training is making the call to discuss with me your problems and we will go from there!   Dommy Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010  
December 3, 2013

bdsm diaper sissy

  Diaper sissy need’s a spanking stomping like that in the store. Just because Mistress mommy is not agreeing to you demanding a new dress does not give you any right to act out. You heard me either straighten up or I will take you over my knee right here in front of everyone and they will watch as I punish you. That is much better little one mommy is very proud of you now maybe we can see about getting you a new dress.  Want it to have puffy sleeve’s like the one you are wearing? Very well we will get it for you now ok take it up there now to the lady at the register.   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
November 29, 2013


Bet you thought I wasn’t going to find out, didn’t you? That you secretly like to parade about in your thick fluffy diapers when I’m away. Such a bad baby, hiding the fact that you are an Adult Babie! Oh, but don’t you worry your pretty like head over it sweetie pie, mommy is going to rectify this little over site of yours. In fact, I am going to do you one better – I’ve decided that being a big baby wasn’t embracing your true inner self. I’ve decided that what you truly are, is a big sissy aby that needs to be adorned in pink satin and lace with all the trimmings. Now I have gone through a lot of effort to make your special day absolutely perfect – after all, it isn’t everyday that a mommy gets to indoctrinate her closet diaper lover into the wonderful world of sissy-hood! I can’t wait to see your face as I take you by the hand and show you your brand new nursery and your very first sissy dress!! Aren’t you going to be the prettiest little sissy on the block! Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
November 26, 2013

diaper punishment

I have to sometime’s must use discipline to make my adult baby’s see reason. He is just born naughty I guess, so I take him over my knee and pull his diaper down give him at least 10 nice ,hard spanking’s! He sure like’s to wriggle on my lap while I spank his bottom red. Then he slide’s off my lap and stomp’s away he does not like it when I spank him in front of company. He say’s it is embarrassing and makes him feel small and helpless, I just giggle at him. I think he feel’s like I am a mean mommy when I try to set him straight he will figure it maybe after a few more spanking’s. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
November 22, 2013

Enema for the Holidays

Is everyone looking forward to Thanksgiving?  I hope so.  Sometimes I have a very…unusual thought process.  Take for example this: as I’m writing out my shopping list, deciding what I need for the stuffing, I thought came to me – what if instead of stuffing a turkey, I would stuff another type of white meat, hehe?  I would butter and oil my little apprehensive morsel (namely you 😉 ).  And of course, I would have to clean out the inner cavity and bowels properly, which means a very strong and effective enema.  I would tuck your knees under you, your bottom poised up and primed to be filled with the warm, soapy solution, or perhaps a natural enema recipe would better suit my needs (a “brown cow” – warmed milk and molasses enema is a very strong but natural one).   After the enema does its job and cleans you out thoroughly, then the stuffing process can begin – so many choices here, heeheehee!  Should I go with a traditional carrot/celery/onion mirepoix, or perhaps I should stretch you wide open and stuff you with a bread stuffing?  Perhaps something a little more…naughty ;).   Oh my imagination just goes wild with possibilities – care to find out how wild? Just give me a jingle and hear for yourself.     Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010  
November 18, 2013


You little sissy wearing the skirt’s that are so short I can see your pink diaper. The neighbor’s know your secret life they see a silly man in a cheap suit come home during the day, then they see a silly girl in a pink dress and high heel mary  jane’s go out for a night on the town. What is the use in hiding I will just make a sign that say’s a sad,pathetic sissy live’s here feel free to taunt and tease him, what would you say to that? Not so proud when you are out of that suit isn’t that right?   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
November 17, 2013

Nurse Betty Takes Care of ABy Lacy

Working in an ABy nursery certainly keeps me on my toes. I, of course, help to take care of sick little ones at the nursery as well as general care for the sweet ones. From bottle-feeding to diaper changes to the occasional spanking when a mischievous little one needs to be disciplined. Lots and lots of to do when you’re looking after little ones at an ABy nursery. Anyhoo, a couple of days ago I had to discipline a silly little ABy in a special way. You see, little Lacy came to me just before naptime and said she had a tummy ache. But ya see, not 10 minutes before, Lacy was scarfing down her snack and running and playing and just generally having a good of time – and I happen to know that Lacy hates naptime. Mhmm, so when she came sulking over to me, whining about a tummy ache, I knew exactly what was going on. So of course, I went along with it. “Awww poor Lacy has tummy ache huh?” I sat her on my lap and rubbed her little tummy, “well ya know what, I think I found the problem.” I said giving her tummy another little rub. I explained to her that her tummy was all backed up and she just needed help getting it cleared out. Ohhh little Lacy’s eyes lit up, she thought for sure she’d gotten herself out of naptime, but little did she know what I had in store for her hahaha! I took her into the nurse’s office and had her lie back on the examining table where I removed her diaper. Haha, that’s where little Lacy started to panic, trying to wiggle away, wondering what was going on. But of course, I held her down, “ah ah ah, Lacy, we need to get this tummy ache taken care of!” Well I’ll bet you can guess what happened next! After that enema, I knew little Lacy would never come to me with a tummy ache again! Nurse Betty 888-430-2010