Our Captive Audience

  As the sedative begins to wear off, you realize you are in more trouble than you’ve ever been in before.  The hemp rope cuts into your wrists when you try to struggle, and it doesn’t take long for the anger to turn to shear panic.  Your bitchy wife is tied up next to you, […]


Meeting Jamie

Daddy is bringing his new friend home tonight! I’m SO excited! I took a nice long bath this afternoon, with just a touch of baby oil in it, so my skin would be so soft and yummy smelling.  Nanny Ella came over and gave me a good enema and helped me pick out my prettiest outfit. After […]


Girls Night Out

Oh what fun we had this weekend!  Some of us decided to get together for a much needed Girls Night Out and look who tagged along! Such a pretty sissy in that pink tutu and Mommy just LOVED the heart shaped sun glasses!  Mommy’s pretty sissy took great care of us, all night long.  She […]


ABy Naptime Tricks

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble getting myself to sleep for naptime. Usually what happens is Daddy brings me my afternoon snack and bottle and waits for me to finish. Once I’m all done, Daddy changes my diaper so I can be all fresh and clean for my nap. See, I think that when […]


Party Time!

I can’t wait for tonight!  I am so excited that I just don’t think I’ll be able to take my nap today, but I’m sure Daddy will want me to be well rested for our Party later. Daddy has been planning the Party so carefully for lots of weeks! We went shopping and Daddy picked […]


What happened to your super powers?

  You walk around with that chest puffed up, strutting like the cock of the walk, but Minnie was right about you, wasn’t she?  With a little help from Minnie, and that infamous paci, you were soon forgetting the act, weren’t you? All I had to do was flash a smile, bewitch you with my eyes and […]


Fun With Nanny Ella

Let Nanny Make You Happy You weren’t very happy when Mommy told you that she was going out for the night and had called someone to come over and stay with you, were you?  You got upset and yelled at Mommy, saying you were big enough to stay by yourself, and you wouldn’t listen to […]


Plastic Pants

Maybe you haven’t  thought about wearing plastic pants before. However, if your a messy diaper aby then mommy thinks that wearing a pair of plastic pants to protect your cute little outfit might be just what’s needed. You know you should also listen to the advice of your loving mommy Lauren unless of course your […]


Day out with Mommy Sara and our submissive sissy’s

Mommy Crissy had the greatest fun with the Sexy and talented Mommy Sara and our submissive Sissy‘s we had a little shopping day at our favorite thrift store’s , My sissy Cindy was so happy to be shopping with us she said very proudly ” I get to find some treasure’s with two of the coolest […]


A Day To Remember

Mommy’s been shopping for her pretty little sissy, and just look at what she bought you!  I can’t wait to see you wear it for all Mommy’s friends at the neighborhood cookout this weekend.  You’ll be the sweetest, prettiest little sissy there, and will have all the bois staring in envy. Widow Johnson down the […]

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