Taboo Phone Sex

Some people are easily frightened off by subjects and desires of a taboo nature. If I’m being honest here, and I am, I tend to love it! The dirtier the fetish, the more interested I am in hearing about it and learning more about it. I dabble in all sorts of kinks because I am […]


Humiliation and Sissification

Humiliation and sissification can be fun sometimes! Even though I am usually a sweet, loving mommy to my ABDLs, sometimes I get requests for me to use a firm hand. When I’m having roleplay phone sex with my Abies, anything goes! I want to please them and so when they ask something of me, I […]


Sissy Training With Mommy Candy

Dommy Mommy Candy just updated your craiglist ad. Pretty soon sissy boys and men of all shapes and sizes are about to show up at your door to use you for their pleasure. So make sure you put on that sexy little sissy outfit Mommy laid out on your bed for you. You know the […]


Adult Baby Phone Sex

Oh my poor, sweet, little Adult Baby – I know you’ve been looking tirelessly for that special AB Mommy just for you.  Now now little one, don’t despair, for I have good news for you!  Your search can come to an end now; Mommy Scarlet is here to take care of you.   How long […]


Pay Tribute to your ABDL Mommy

Mothers are everything for us when we are small…our lives revolve around her. For everything that we need, we require, we call mommy. She is the one that protects us from all dangers, both perceivable and unperceivable; she is the one that makes everything right again, that makes us smile and giggle in a world […]


Mommy’s Milk Phone Sex

Come here little one, I know you are so very hungry and craving what only Mommy can provide – deliciously sweet Mommy’s milk from my own engorged, swollen breasts.  I’ll hold you in my arms and bare my breast so you can start sucking that warm milk deep into your mouth.  You can feel Mommy’s pink nipple growing harder, elongating in your mouth as you take long drawls from […]


Lovely Fetishes

So I get this call and he says he’s a diaper lover and he asks me if I would be his babysitter instead of his mommy.  I love role-play phone sex and mommy is only one of the many roles I like to play.  I myself love to wear and use my adult diapers, I […]


Milk and Cookies

Well, Christmas is just about upon us – are all you little ones ready for him? All excited for him to come down the chimney, fill your stocking and leave that special gift under the tree?  Will it be a box of your favorite diapers?  Perhaps a warm and fuzzy sleeper, complete with footsies?  Maybe […]


Looking for a Loving AB/DL Mommy?

Are you looking for your Mommy? Mommy loves to change her sweet adult babies’ full pampers.  We can have bath time and I will sing you songs while you coo and clap your hands in delight….Mommy loves to breast feed and spoil her adult baby boys and sissy boy girls in every way.   Just imagine the […]


Our Special Time

Come hop up on mommy Gina’s lap.  I just love our special cuddle time we have together.  My arms wrap around you, holding you close to my bosom, rocking you gently.  I breathe in the sweet perfume of your hair, kissing your head softly, placing my cheek atop of your tussle of hair.  My eyes […]

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